Skill Intelligence

Erre Quadro’s Skill Intelligence focuses on the analysis of skills-related technical documents. The digital revolution, energy transition and organisational innovations within companies entail the need to

transform and enhance people’s skill sets

Our solutions offer an automated analysis of the skills currently possessed by the company and the existing gaps compared to its transformation goals


Our algorithm can identify relevant skills in corporate documents that vary as to content and format. By comparing these skills with international professional standards (ESCO & O*NET), our technology enables automated, accurate and data-driven analyses, forecasts and roadmaps.
Erre Quadro integrates its Skills Intelligence technology in IT solutions or service platforms thanks to partnerships with: IT companies that develop HR software, organisational and strategic consulting firms, training companies and policy makers.

Some applications for our technology


Prediction of the key skills (hard, soft, digital) and related jobs in the future of entire industrial sectors, based on the prospective analysis of technical documentation (patents) capable of identifying the investment trends in new technologies and international skills databases.

Skill Gap Analysis

Identification of skills needed by companies that invest in new technologies to maximise the effectiveness of their investment by aligning the necessary skills within the workforce.

HR Kit

Advanced, personalised solutions based on the use of Erre Quadro’s algorithm to improve key processes such as: people retention, employee upskilling and reskilling, corporate profile search and selection.

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