IP Intelligence

Erre Quadro’s IP Intelligence supports companies, patent attorney studios and public administrations with tools aimed at improving innovation processes and enhancing new technologies.

The core is Innovation Reveal

a modular platform, optimized for patent analysis, which quicky finds and classifies all relevant documents and their content.

What can you do with Innovation Reveal?

Patent analysis

Starting from its own information extraction technology, Erre Quadro supports clients in the process of patentability of an idea or product and/or in assessing its potential marketing through prior art searches, freedom to operate, validity and invalidity.

Strategic and competitive analyses

The Innovation Reveal platform performs detailed technological mapping so as to obtain otherwise hard-to-find strategic information contained in the patent documentation. This makes it possible to intercept technological trends, new clients, suppliers, partners or competitors, as well as new market outlets or drivers of technological improvement.

How to access Innovation Reveal?

Choose your preferred platform access mode
  • Purchasing the software license

  • As-a-service use via the Erre Quadro team

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