Skill Intelligence

Use cases

Use case: Tech2Skill



Type of company

Medium-sized company

The problem to be solved

The client company was interested in finding out the key skills in a forward-looking perspective within the macro domain of bio-economy. The volatility of the job market and the upheaval of its dynamics caused by the advent of the digital revolution, environmental crisis, and pandemic make policy-making decisions complex. For the client, it was therefore crucial to corroborate qualitative analyses with quantitative ones, based on objective data.
The solution

In response to the client's needs, Erre Quadro conducted an analysis of patent documentation in the specific field of interest. The analysis aimed to assess which technologies were most frequently mentioned and subject to vigorous investments. Subsequently, the textual content of patents was cross-referenced using proprietary Text Mining algorithms with international competency databases to deduce the enabling skills and related key job occupations.

The measurable results:

• List of professional roles and key hard/soft/digital competencies (from standards) in the field of interest
• Subsequent policy-making indications

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