Development skills for environmental transition

How to determine the skills and professions ensuring a sustainable future in the industrial sector? How to train your employees to make this future a reality? Our response is a self-assessment tool for skills identification, aimed at measuring digital skills gaps among workers in the field of environmental sustainability.

The tool is named Energy Worker Profiler and originates within the framework of an Horizon 2020 innovation project (DENiM), in collaboration with R2M Solution. Manufacturing companies, facing the dual challenge of Digital Transformation and Ecological Transition, need easily accessible tools to assess the necessary investments, not only in technology, but also in the skills of their workforce responsible for implementing these technologies.

The purpose of the Energy Worker Profiler is to optimize re-skilling pathways and targeted recruitment efforts, enabling companies to fully leverage the potential of their investments. These compelling topics are discussed in Ecological Innovation, November 2022. You can download the article here:

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