Skill Intelligence

Use cases

Use case: Skill Gap Analysis



Type of company

Medium-sized company

The problem to be solved

The client company was interested in digital evolution to maintain competitiveness in the market, reducing low-value and repetitive activities. In essence, the aim was to optimize the process of introducing new technologies and minimize the risk of unsuccessful investments.
The solution

In response to the client's needs, Erre Quadro conducted a two-step project: an analysis of the company's digital maturity, followed by a roadmap for technological evolution and the identification of enabling competencies. The analysis was carried out using NLP and Text Mining algorithms, primarily aimed at aligning the content of the client company's job descriptions with International Competency Standards (ESCO & O*NET). Secondly, the algorithms were used to associate each technology suggested by the roadmap with related digital competencies and the professional roles that will need to acquire them.

The measurable results

• List of current skills from job descriptions and corresponding formulation from International Standards
• Identification of the gap between current skills from job descriptions and the International Standard's requirements for the same role
• List of digital skills associated with the technological roadmap and connected professional roles
• Homogenization and standardization of the company's competency vocabulary
• Guidelines (topics, competencies, roles) for training projects

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