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Use cases

Use case: Seeking partners for technology/product development



Type of Company


The problem to be solved

Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A., a company operating in the production of mechanical seals, specializing mainly in the automotive sector, had designed special seals for rotating organs and needed to identify potential partners, in the field of drilling systems, for the development and implementation of such a solution. The Client turned to Erre Quadro because it needed to identify players of interest based on the analysis of their technology and not only through common business channels.
The solution

Erre Quadro's Technological Landscape made it possible to identify potential partners for the development of Meccanotecnica Umbra's product, a particular seal for rotating organs. Thanks to NLP algorithms applied to a patent database, Innovation Reveal identified players in the chosen field of application (drilling systems), while also specifying what technical problems faced and their proposed solutions. It was thus possible to qualify the list of potential partners by identifying those who might be the most interested in developing the client's solution. Our service is aimed at companies that offer products with a strong technical and/or technological component.

The measurable results

• List of more than 300 potential partners, qualified according to the addressed technical problems, the level of technological maturity of their proposed solutions and their geolocation
• 38 patents or patent applications exemplifying the technological solutions of the identified players clustered according to the addressed technical problems

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