IP Intelligence

Use cases

Use case: Searching for new clients



Type of Company

Large company

The problem to be solved

A client needs to expand its customer base and to activate a new business. Not an easy task in a stagnant market and on a mature technology. In particular, the client intends to take full advantage of its technical know-how, while maintaining its current focus on Automotive, avoiding investing in plants restructuring that would entail huge costs, difficult to plan for in a very uncertain medium to long term market scenario. The client's problem is, therefore, to find new customers for the currently offered solutions that can ensure the production continuity of the plants. In particular, the client is interested in developing the market for its damping solutions for internal combustion engines.
The solution

Innovation Reveal provides for each solution a list of companies closely related under the technical viewpoint (i.e. companies whose production process, or product positioning, can benefit form adopting the client’s solution). By broadening the scope of analysis beyond the client's traditional target audience, Innovation Reveal identified new markets, segments and companies ``on target`` for the Client's solutions that the Client had never thought of before.

The measurable results

• List of more than 200 qualified prospects based on their technology needs
• Two RDAs in 6 months

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