IP Intelligence

Use cases

Use case: Scouting for technical enabling solutions



Type of company


The problem to be solved

Panurania S.p.A., a SME operating in the building insulation panel sector, needed to improve some technical features of some of its products, in particular the thermal insulation, the structural and the fire resistance features. The Client had not tracked down suitable technical solutions in the industry and therefore needed to explore existing technologies outside its own sphere.
The solution

Innovation Reveal made it possible, through an in-depth and systematic technological landscape, to identify solutions that could potentially be used by Panurania S.p.A. for the design of insulating panels for building applications. In this way, the client obtained detailed and specific information on solutions developed in fields other than the one in which he operates (e.g., automotive or aerospace), expanding the technological options capable of solving, in an innovative way and with different technologies, the technical problems to be addressed for the improvement of his product. The solution is aimed at companies that offer products with a strong technical and/or technological component.

The measurable results

• Development of 12 alternative solutions in different technological fields and potentially applicable to the construction industry
• List of around 50 players holding the identified solutions
• Identification of 7 new application areas

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