Erre Quadro and InnovUp collaborating to support top Italian innovation

Erre Quadro supports innovative startups and SMEs within the InnovUp network in enhancing their technology and competitive positioning, as well as facilitating dialogue with potential investors.

Through the proprietary Innovation Reveal, platform for patent database analysis and interpretation, Erre Quadro supports the patentability process of an idea or product and assesses its potential commercialization through State-of-the-Art, Invalidity, Validity, and Freedom-to-Operate analyses.

Innovation Reveal also assists start-ups and SMEs in capturing emerging technological trends, identifying new potential customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors, as well as new market opportunities and improvement drivers for existing technologies. Thanks to the partnership between Erre Quadro and InnovUp, InnovUp members enjoy a 15% discount on their first purchase of an Erre Quadro service.

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