Document Intelligence

Use cases

Use case: Automated analysis of forensic medical examinations



Type of company

Medium-sized company

The problem to be solved

Medexpert is a leading company in insurance medico-legal consulting that processes more than 40,000 expert reports per year to evaluate personal injuries resulting from accidents. In the context of insurance assessments, following a health-damaging event such as a car accident or workplace injury, there arises the need to estimate the extent of injuries suffered by the parties involved. In such cases, a medical examiner is assigned to review all health records produced in relation to the injury event in order to assess the patient's medical history. Such documentation includes emergency room reports, specialist medical opinions, instrumental test reports, etc. Based on this information, the medical expert quantifies the injury. This process can be labor-intensive and affected by a certain degree of subjectivity, hence the need to automate and standardize the assessment of personal injuries.
The solution

The KYD (Knowledge in Your Data) module supports the process of medico-legal evaluation by interpreting medical language contained within the documents comprising the medical-legal expertise. The implemented system is capable of recognizing over 1000 classes of notable elements within the analyzed texts and interpreting their relationship, totaling over 4000 possible relational chains. The KYD module automatically extracts the information contained in the text of assessments that contribute to the quantification of damages. In fact, KYD thus feeds a system of assigning standard scores to the elements found in the text in order to obtain a damage quantification score through an integrated and automatic pipeline.

The measurable results

• System trained on over 1000 classes of relevant parameters
• Reading reliability > 90%
• Reduction in health record analysis times
• Reduction in medical-legal assessment processing times
• Objectification of injury evaluation criteria and respective medical treatment
• Standardization of scores associated with personal injuries

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