Document Intelligence

Use cases

Use case: Automated analysis of technical specifications


Engineering Services/Automotive

Type of company

Medium-sized company

The problem to be solved

Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate Bid Management. The examination of specifications and technical specifications in order to issue an offer and/or initiate the product engineering or customization process is often a resource-intensive activity in contract-based companies. The activity can require several weeks of labor, often concentrated within limited time-to-delivery windows, and may involve multiple individuals from various business functions. Furthermore, this activity is critical in terms of effectiveness: frequently, standardized processes do not exist, and risks arise from potential non-compliance with requirements.
The solution

The KYD (Knowledge in Your Data) platform supports the process of technical specification analysis and bid generation through the following key functions:
• Requirements recognition: given a list of initial requirements, the built-in algorithm automatically recognizes and extracts values and concepts from a tender document or technical specification, placing them within a tabular structure
• Linking: direct linking between extracted and structured requirements and their original location in the document, to provide the user with maximum control over information in the source context immediately
• Matchmaking: comparing requirements with historical data to systematically leverage the company know-how

The measurable results

• 20% reduction in assessment errors
• Up to 94% reduction in documentation examination time
• Improved client responsiveness due to reduced time to delivery
• Enhanced productivity of the bidding process
• Increased systematicity and objectivity of the process and systematic use of historical company data

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