ENI S.p.A. and Erre Quadro

We are proud to announce the beginning of the collaboration between ENI S.p.A. and Erre Quadro. Our technology, and in particular the Innovation Reveal platform, will now support the R&D department of the largest national Oil&Gas company,  with over 70 collaborations  with Research Centers and over 1,000 researchers in Italy.

With Innovation Reveal, thanks to its algorithmic engine optimized for the interpretation of patent data, our Client will be able to autonomously, easily and comprehensively perform technology monitoring analyses and evaluations aimed at realizing the innovation developed by ENI’s technical departments.

We are grateful to ENI, for choosing Erre Quadro after an the intense comparison with competitors, and to all the collaborators who made this important result possible.

The agreement with ENI seals the building of growing competencies within Erre Quadro and the high performance of its solutions in the field of Energy, Resources and Utilities, nurtured and increased thanks to the close interactions with many clients in the sector over the years.

An important milestone in Erre Quadro’s growth path, which represents at the same time a new starting line, towards the continuous improvement of our products for improving our clients satisfaction.

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