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CEPIUG Conference, September 17-19

The Italian Association of Patent Documentalists-AIDB with the Polytechnic of Milan Foundation and with the collaboration of the CEPIUG European user groups, organizes its 15th Anniversary celebrating conference in Milan.
Erre Quadro will be there to present one of ours success cases on 17 September.

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Patents: a compass in the sea of ​​Circular Economy

In the SPICE project, the Text Mining algorithms developed by Erre Quadro made it possible to identify the map of the main technical problems faced for the recycling and recovery of components from exhausted lithium batteries or for their regeneration. At the same time, the main technologies used were identified, the level of maturity of which was assessed, and the main materials that can be recovered from batteries.

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ENI S.p.A. and Erre Quadro

With Innovation Reveal, thanks to its algorithmic engine optimized for the interpretation of patent data, our Client will be able to autonomously, easily and comprehensively perform technology monitoring analyses and evaluations aimed at realizing the innovation developed by ENI’s technical departments.

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Development skills for environmental transition

The tool is named Energy Worker Profiler and originates within the framework of an Horizon 2020 innovation project (DENiM), in collaboration with R2M Solution. Manufacturing companies, facing the dual challenge of Digital Transformation and Ecological Transition, need easily accessible tools to assess the necessary investments, not only in technology, but also in the skills of their workforce responsible for implementing these technologies.

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